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Album Production Services

Album Production Services

The ultimate goal of any professional musician should be to release an album.

There are countless album production companies out there — but only a handful have the experience and expertise to create an album outside of a studio setting. Musical Horizon® services are not only dedicated to classical music, but we bring our studio to you. As a classical musician, you understand the grace and finesse of this fine art. As an accomplished violinist with over a decade of recording experience, our lead engineer Max Sverdlove understands the attention to detail needed to produce a professional album of the highest caliber.

The most effective way to build your brand and increase your name recognition is by developing a high quality album – using an esteemed NJ recording studio such as Musical Horizon, LLC ensures you deliver that superior finished product. We serve clients in the greater Metro NYC area, including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our engineers record solely on-location – where you will be the most comfortable.

Recording your album

You have a strong repertoire and are ready to make an album. You have practiced over and over again under careful study. Now, you are ready to produce your album with Musical Horizon® services.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Your album could take a few hours to a few months to complete
  • It may require multiple recording sessions and/or locations
  • You may want to have your music coach present
  • Consider any accompaniment you may need
  • Make sure your instrument is tuned and in good playing condition
  • After your recording sessions are complete, we need time to thoroughly edit the material

The recording process may require multiple consultations with our lead engineer before we begin.

Mastering and editing your album recording

Once you have poured your heart and soul into producing a remarkable album recording, we use the latest mastering techniques to perfect and polish your sound. Mastering makes your album fit for professional distribution. We give your album a consistent sound without compromising integrity. To learn more about our mastering and editing services, visit our Audio Editing page [1].

Duplicating your album

Although Musical Horizon® engineers can directly produce short-runs of CD-R discs, we can also send your albums to top music duplication companies to make virtually unlimited copies of your album and album artwork

Even in this growing digital age, don’t underestimate the value of having multiple copies of a physical CD.

You can use your CD to:

  • Sell at music retailers
  • Sell or give away at performances
  • Include in a media kit or promotional package
  • Send to record labels

Distributing your album

Nothing is more essential to getting your music heard than distributing your album. Musical Horizon® engineers can introduce you to the services of a top independent music distributor. With their help we can get your album on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more.

Contact a top-notch Musical Horizon® engineer today

Considering creating an album? Contact an engineer to discuss Musical Horizon® services today [2] at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com [3]. We offer a free initial consultation to prospective clients.

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