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Musician Promotion Videos

Musician Promotion Video

For Your Promotional Package or Press Kit

If you are looking for effective marketing tools, a musician promotion video is the service for you. Up-and-coming musicians benefit from a well-produced promotional video that highlights not only their unique sound but their individual personality as well. A musician promotion video compliments an audition or demo recording [1] well, especially for those aspiring musicians looking for their break, and students applying to the top schools and programs. They can also be used to gain hype about an upcoming or newly released album [2].

Think of yourself as a brand. You have a unique identity. You need to solidify your credibility as an artist and as a brand. A Musical Horizon® Musician Promotion Video makes that possible. We are not just a preeminent NJ recording studio; we are a full service videography and audio recording company. Musical Horizon® engineers serve clients in and around New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

What is a musician promotion video?

Think of a musician promotion video like a mini-documentary about you, the musician. You can choose a variety of themes for your video. One idea would be to splice together interviews with you, your teachers, coaches, other musicians, friends, and family with videos and photos of past performances. If you are in the process of recording an album, you may consider a behind-the-scenes production video to showcase the process.

Some elements to include:

  • Your signature performance. Highlight your best piece of music throughout the video.
  • Interview clips. Think of important people in your life who may want to be interviewed. Include clips of yourself talking about your personal thought processes, influences, and passions.
  • Music clips. Choose some shots of you performing.

Who needs a musician promotion video?

Considering the competitive market of the music industry – particularly the niche subset of classical musicians – a musician promotion video can set you apart from the competition. Some people who may consider creating one are:

  • Students applying to music schools, music festivals, conservatories, and competitions
  • Professional musicians recording an album
  • Aspiring professionals attempting to brand themselves
  • Aspiring professionals applying to be in a professional orchestra or ensemble

Creating your musician promotion video

Before we start video recording, you consult with one of our talented engineers. Together, we develop a concrete concept that highlights your unique talents and personality.

Here are some things to consider before starting:

  • Location(s). Choose a setting that retains audio well and limits reverberation. The location should also be visually appealing.
  • Wardrobe. Choose an outfit or multiple outfits that complement your image as an artist.
  • Audience. Choose who you intend the video to be viewed by. You will want to present yourself differently based on your target audience – schools, management agencies, fans, etc.

Musical Horizon® engineers strive to offer customized services to each of our clients. Every aspect of the final product will be done to your specifications. We work with you for as long as it takes to develop and perfect a high-quality promotional video.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about Musical Horizon® services today

Since 2002, Musical Horizon®engineers have been helping aspiring musicians in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania achieve success. Let us work for you. Call today at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com [3].

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