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Looking to Record an Album

Looking to Record an Album

Congratulations! You’ve decided to record an album.

As an expert in your field, you need to showcase your exclusive talents. If you are ready to record an album [1], you need to ensure your album is of the highest caliber – that’s where we come in.

Musical Horizon, LLC is a top NJ recording studio specializing in recording and editing classical music. We are one of the area’s only on location recording services, currently working with clients in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our business model is the perfect alternative to high-priced New York studios for professionals, students, and instructors looking to create mind-blowing recordings of their repertoire. We specialize in classical music recordings but are equipped to record any acoustical sound.

Why choose an on location service?

Recording an album in your own space reduces pressure, anxiety, and worry. You do not have to fret about transporting your instrument or other equipment. We are flexible and can work around your busy schedule. You can have your teachers, coaches, family members, and friends present – whoever will make you feel most comfortable.

We urge you to not attempt your own recording. Yes, there are a lot of fancy consumer-grade recording equipment out there to use. But, you need a professional [2] to capture the true essence of your instrument and talent. In the amount of money you spend on purchasing your own equipment, you could have hired us to do the job better – in fact it may be even more economical to use Musical Horizon®services.

Musical Horizon® album recording services:

Musical Horizon, LLC is a full-service audio recording and editing company. We offer our clients:
• On Location Recording.
• Mastering and Editing.
• Duplication and Distribution.
• Musician Promotion Videos.

Contact a Musical Horizon® engineer today for a free consultation

One reason our clients speak so highly of our services is not only our affordable rates, and expert knowledge of classical music recording and editing, but because of our impeccable customer service. Contact your Musical Horizon® engineer today [3] at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com [4] to get started.

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