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Video Editing

After your video has been shot, we edit and polish the final cut to perfection.

Our professional video editing services turn a basic clip into a professional masterpiece. Using cutting-edge software, technical prowess, and an aptitude for creativity, Musical Horizon® engineers guarantee your audition, recital, or promotional video is on par.

You can choose to receive your video on either DVD, or in a digital format, or both. You might also consider adding clips to your website or uploading them to YouTube.

Musical Horizon® Video Editing Services

Our engineers create recital, audition, and musician promotion videos for classical musicians in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Once we are done shooting, we take all the footage and decide what should stay and what should be cut. Then we perform these editing services as needed:

  • Titles/Graphics. We add any requested text or graphics to the video. If desired, the text can be animated.

  • Transitions. Our editor crafts seamless transitions between adjacent video clips.

  • Video Effects. As needed, we can put your video in black and white, sepia, or other color effect. We can extract colors, create a strobe effect, make a mirror effect, and more.

  • B-Roll. Some musicians have secondary footage that needs to be displayed. For example, we can show a portion of your performance, while a music coach is talking about your skills.

  • Picture-In-Picture. This is what it is called any time a video is set in layers so that more than one piece of footage can be seen at the same time. The secondary screen can be moved anywhere on the screen.

  • Motion. We can have footage zoom in to a certain area. Note: Picture-In-Picture items can move.

  • DVD Mastering. We can convert your finished video to MPEG-2 and burn it to a DVD. We also create DVD menus.

  • Advanced. Our editors take special requests depending upon your creative vision.

Please discuss your needs with us, so that we can best accommodate you. We are happy to schedule an appointment to have you with us while we edit your project.

Contact a Musical Horizon® engineer today

Please contact us at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com to learn more about our video editing and other services.

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