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Audition and Recital Videos

Audition and Recital Videos

Horizon Videography – The Ultimate Combination.
High Definition Video with Professional Sound!

Not only do Musical Horizon® engineers offer video-only options for audition and recital recordings, but we also offer our videography services as an add-on to your existing Musical Horizon® audition [1] or recital recording [2] audio package. A video is an even better way to garner attention away from your competition. Most other musicians will not have a professionally edited and polished video. Your performance combined with our expertise will certainly help to set yourself apart from the competition.

An exclusive NJ recording studio, Musical Horizon, LLC offers on location recording and videography services for up-and-coming classical musicians. We serve clients in and around New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Our lead engineer is also a performing violinist with the musical prowess and technical capabilities to develop an outstanding video recording of your recital or audition.

The basics of an audition video

Before you apply to a music school, or send your promotional package to a talent agency, remember that you have to attract attention from tough juries that have heard thousands of other applicants over the years.

To create an audition video, we only take the best clips of you performing your chosen pieces of music. We then edit seamless transitions and add titles and graphics to your video to give it that extra shine. Our cameras connect directly to our professional audio gear, ensuring premium sound quality – a standard videographer can’t provide you with that. We record in a location that is most convenient to you – where you feel most comfortable.

The basics of a recital video

Musical Horizon® engineers are equipped to travel throughout the NYC Metro area, including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, to create an outstanding video of your live performance. If you are performing solo or with an accompanist, we can make sure our camera is placed strategically to create a pleasing visual effect. Our audio microphones are specifically designed to record stunning live music.



Why create a video?

For auditions, these days, top music programs are requiring videos to apply to music schools and programs are actually requiring an audition video for pre-screening purposes. In some instances, you may not be able to attend a live audition due to budget or time constraints. Or maybe you just want to give yourself the extra edge over other applicants.

For recitals, having a video of your performance allows those who could not attend to view your performance. With professional audio, it is the next best thing to being their live.

Here are some common reasons our clients choose to make a recital or audition video:

    • Send to prospective music schools, festivals, and conservatories
    • Self-promotion online, via your website or YouTube
    • To have as a keepsake
    • Send to your friends and family who may not be able to attend the performance
    • Send to past teachers or coaches as a thank you and to help with networking

    Remember, you are competing with world-class musicians and top talent from across the globe. You need to pull out all the stops to put yourself ahead of the competition.



    Benefits of using Musical Horizon® video services for your audition or recital

    Musical Horizon® engineers are far better equipped to handle your classical music video than other types of videographers. We have cameras with professional audio hookups, which permits us to connect our pro audio gear directly to the camera. This means that your video will have the same exact audio as your audio recording. Musical Horizon® engineers never need to sync up the audio to the video during the editing process, providing you with superior product to even some of the best studios. Lastly, a standard videographer just simply doesn’t have good audio equipment. The on-camera microphones are generally good for spoken voice, but that’s about it.

    Speak with an experienced Musical Horizon® engineer today

    We offer competitive, affordable hourly rates to make videos to apply to music schools or of your recitals. Please contact us right away [3] at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com [4] to learn more.

    When contacting us, please include the following information:

    • What size ensemble will be performing (solo, solo with accompaniment, chamber group, symphony, concert band, choral group, etc.)?
    • Are you preparing an audition or giving a recital?
    • Do you need audio-only product (WAV, MP3, Audio CDs)? Or will you only need video services? Or a combination?
    • Are you a student, amateur, professional?
    • Do you plan on giving more than one performance a year?
    • Are you planning to use these recordings for college-entrance/competition/professional/commercial/fundraising/marketing/other purposes?
    • Do you need digital product (WAV, MP3, MP4) or physical product (Audio CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc)? Or both?


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