Virtru Instructions

Desktop/Mobile Switcher

Have you received an email from us encrypted by Virtru?

If you receive an email that looks similar to this:

it is a legitimate email from Musical Horizon, LLC. However, we always send a prior plain-text email announcing that a secure message will be sent. If you are not expecting a secure message, please contact us to confirm prior to opening.

To read our message click on the “Open in Secure Reader” link. Your web browser will open and will display a screen similar to this:

Note if you use a supported email provider (Gmail, Yahoo,, and others), you may log-in directly. Otherwise, select your email address.

You will receive a screen similar to the following:

You will receive a verification email directly from Virtru. It will look similar to this:

Click on “Activate Me” to open the secure message in your web browser. Note: You MUST use the same web browser to view the secure message. On most computers this will be automatic.

You may reply back to us using Virtru’s Secure Reader to send us a secure reply.

Free plug-ins are currently available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, iPhone/iPad, Android, Outlook 2010/2013, and Mac Mail. After installation, you will no longer need to verify and activate our emails when using Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Outlook 2010/2013, or Mac Mail. Others coming soon!

If you have any questions or technical difficulties, please email or call us (973) 287-4029.

For further information about Virtru, and for videos, you can visit their website: