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Traditional, and Acoustic musician!

Auditions, Recitals,
& Other Live Performances!

Proudly servicing New Jersey,
New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania,
and the surrounding areas since 2002!

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Live music just sounds better!
Performing “in the moment” cannot
be reproduced in a studio setting…

Are you ready to compete?

Have a Musical Horizon® engineer record you on location!

We now offer Video-Only
Audition Recording Services!

New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania’s premier on location recording company

Nothing is more pleasing to the oratory senses than the sound of striking classical music. But recapturing that sound in an audio or video recording is no small feat. As a professional musician, when you need to capture your unique abilities in a recording, you need to trust the professionals [6] who can create the most appealing presentation of your superior skills. You need experts who understand the intricacies of recording classical music.

One of the only on-location recording studios in New Jersey that specializes in the art of classical music mobile recording and editing, Musical Horizon, LLC has been bringing our studio to our client’s locations since 2002. Due to our vast knowledge of custom microphone placement and cutting-edge recording techniques, we have created many successful recordings in concert halls, schools, churches, synagogues, storefronts, and even living rooms throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. To learn more about our special services, contact us today [7] at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com [8].

What we do

First and foremost, we come to you. Musical Horizon® engineers operate solely on location, meaning you do not have to travel to an out-of-the-way studio and pay astronomical hourly fees.

Musical Horizon® audio recording and editing services include:
• Audition and Demo Recording. [9] If you are applying to a music school, festival, or conservatory, create an audition recording to prove your talent to even the most competitive schools. We also record your demo for submissions to competitions and management agencies.
• Live Performance Recording. [10] Whether you are performing solo or you are in a several-hundred person orchestra, a Musical Horizon® engineer has a recording solution to fit your needs.
• Album Production. [11] Classical musicians requiring an entire album can rely on our engineers to do what it takes to produce an exceptional full-length record.
• Audio Editing. [12] Our delicate and careful audio editors are dedicated to creating a recording that emphasizes your impressive talent.

We also provide an array of video production services:
• Audition Videos. [13] Submitting an audition video helps your college application stand out from the vast pile of other submissions.
• Recital Videos. [13] Musical Horizon® engineers offer videography services to musicians giving a recital or small performance.
• Musician Promotion Videos. [14] Looking to showcase yourself as a professional and as an artist? Consider a promotional video to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at your craft.
• Video Editing. [15] We edit, master, duplicate, and perform all the editing services necessary to ensure your video looks seamless and professional.

Our founder and lead engineer has been working with audio and video technology since childhood [16], was one of the first student recording engineers at The Pennsylvania State University, and is also a performing violinist.

All of our standard recording sessions use multiple-recording devices. This guarantees that we don’t miss a moment and provides a backup copy of your performance on the fly.

Who uses Musical Horizon® services?

Our engineers have worked with talented performers for years. Our clients include some of the skillful artists in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Our clientele also consists of musicians who are:
• Applying to a music school or conservatory [2]
• Giving a performance [10]
• Recording an album [17]
• Auditioning for a professional orchestra or ensemble [9]
• Recording a demo for a talent agency or record label [9]

Musical Horizon® services are not limited to classical musicians only. We also work with other genres, including jazz, musical theater, percussion, and more. We have the capability to record spoken word performances and speeches as well.

Contact our recording professionals today for a free consultation.

Give Musical Horizon, LLC a call today for your free consultation at 973-287-4029 or email us at recording@musicalhorizon.com [18].

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