Applying to a Music Program

Congratulations! You’ve decided to apply to a music program.

Now you have to decide whether to go on the live audition, or if you need to make an Audition CD.

  • As a musician… go on the live audition if at all possible!
    • You may be more nervous, but the jury listening prefers seeing you in person whenever possible.

  • However, live auditions are not always possible to attend due to various concerns:
    • Scheduling Conflicts
    • Traveling Expenses
    • School/Festival Requirements

  • Also, many schools are now requiring pre-screening audition recordings prior to your live audition.

See this chart to compare all of your options.

If you are given the option, your goal should be to perform where you will be most relaxed. When you are able to relax, you perform your best.

If you decide to make an Audition recording, you need to decide whether you should hire a professional. Remember, the jury listening to your audition recording is comprised of professional musicians, not your friends and family. These individuals assume your recording is your absolute best and you are competing against all of the other applicants who have submitted CDs and those who are going on live auditions.

Make sure you hire a professional who knows how to record classical music. The entire process is different – most studios don’t work with classical musicians.

Musical Horizon® engineers specialize in the art of recording and editing classical music.

Lastly, don’t wait till the last minute. Schedule your audition recording session well in advance of your due date. A professional recording takes time to prepare. Our general turn around time is approximately one to two weeks. Rush orders are available for a premium cost, but at our engineer’s discretion only. If a rush order is not placed, your audition recording will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do not miss your deadline!

Contact a Musical Horizon® engineer today to learn more

If you have the talent to compete against top musicians, we have the gear to capture your talent in an audio recording. To get more information regarding our audition and demo recording services, contact a knowledgeable Musical Horizon® engineer today at 973-287-4029 or email us at

When contacting us, please include the following information:

  • Will you be performing with accompaniment?
  • Do you need audio recording services? Video recording services? Or a combination of both?
  • Are you a student?
  • Are you planning to use these recordings for college-entrance/competition/professional/commercial/other purposes?
  • Do you need digital product (WAV, MP3, MP4) or physical product (Audio CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc)? Or both?

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