Concert Recording and our Season Pass

For Professional Musicians and Performing Ensembles

Performing Ensembles of all sizes should have their concerts recorded.

Crafting an outstanding concert recording requires a bit more work and skill than your typical recital recording. Concert recordings typically feature multiple performers of varying sizes. Musical Horizon® engineers have recorded small chamber groups to large symphony orchestras, concert bands, and choirs. This means we need to perform additional setup, hire assistants, and pay even closer attention to even the most minute details to ensure we capture the most beautiful and accurate representation of your group’s talent.

Due to our years of experience, passion for classical music, and the specially-chosen equipment in our inventory, Musical Horizon® engineers have the ability to capture unbelievable sound quality for our live performance clientele. Recording a concert is difficult — not every engineer is equipped to handle this type of work. Musical Horizon® engineers, however, have the knowledge and skill to set up the additional microphones and equipment necessary. Currently, we work with the top classical music talent in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

In addition to our standard services, add-ons for concert recordings include:

  • Dress rehearsal sessions. To make certain we provide the best services possible during your actual concert, our engineers can set up all our equipment at your dress rehearsal at the concert location. We can test levels, make adjustments, and take notes before the performance. During your actual concert, we will know exactly what to expect.

  • Live albums. We can format your CD for sale.

Musical Horizon® Season Pass deal for multiple concerts

Are you part an ensemble that does a series of concerts throughout the year? You may want to consider our Season Pass deal.

We offer our Concert Recording services to ensembles interested in recording a guaranteed number of concerts each year. Once you sign a contract for a set number of performances in a calendar year, you receive a significant discount on each recording.

The Season Pass is a yearly plan, made available to performing ensembles, for recording and editing sessions. The ensemble will provide the Musical Horizon® engineer with the dates, times, and locations of their scheduled performances for one full year. Your Musical Horizon® engineer will schedule these dates and provide the ensemble with a discount based on the number of performances scheduled.

For every recording session scheduled in the yearly contract, your Musical Horizon® engineer will deduct 5% off each individual recording session’s Final Price, up to a maximum of 50%. See the following chart:

Number of Recording Sessions per Year

Percentage Discounted per Individual Recording Session

















10 and over


Things to keep in mind for your concert recording

  • Before you hire a Musical Horizon® engineer for your concert recording, be certain the venue you perform in allows outside recording equipment. Clear any issues with your chosen venue so our engineers are free to place microphones in optimal locations for best sound quality.
  • Always schedule your recording session well enough in advance of your concert date to ensure our availability. Recording sessions are scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Musical Horizon® engineers only create professional recordings, which cannot be made available immediately at the end of the session like consumer grade cassette tapes, MiniDisc, or Flash recorder recordings. Our recordings can take a week or longer to process, depending upon your recording’s needs.
  • Reserve your concert’s location for at minimum two hours before your performance and one and half hours after your performance is scheduled to be completed. Our equipment takes time to be setup and taken down. For example, if your concert is two hours long, you should schedule the recording location for a minimum of five and half hours, and preferably longer.

  • Make a request to your audience to turn off all cell phones prior to the performance. These extraneous sounds sometimes cannot be removed from your performance.

Speak with a knowledgeable Musical Horizon® engineer today

We are waiting to hear from you so that we can discuss all of the available services we can offer you. Give us a call today at 973-287-4029 or email us at to schedule a free consultation with our lead engineer.

When contacting us, please include the following information:

  • What size ensemble will be performing (solo, solo with accompaniment, chamber group, symphony, concert band, choral group, etc.)?
  • Do you need audio recording services? Video recording services? Or a combination of both?
  • Are you a student, amateur, professional?
  • Do you plan on giving more than one performance a year?
  • Are you planning to use these recordings for professional/commercial/fundraising/marketing/other purposes?
  • Do you need digital product (WAV, MP3, MP4) or physical product (Audio CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc)? Or both?

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