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Q. What types of musicians do you record?

     A. We specialize in the recording of up-and-coming classical musicians! However, we also have many clients who have already established themselves in the music world, and those outside the music profession. Our clients have included soloists, students, professors, touring artists, performing ensembles of sizes ranging from 2 to 120 members, as well as amateur musicians, acting students, and attorneys.

Q. Do you record this type [insert genre] of music?

     A. We specialize in the recording of classical music. Many of our clients are soloists and small ensembles. However, we have recorded live opera and musical theater performances, choirs, symphonies, orchestras, symphonic bands, and combinations of the above. We have also recorded several jazz and percussion ensembles. If your performance is acoustical in nature, we should be able to accommodate you.

Q. Do you have a studio that I can record at?

     A. We are strictly a mobile on location recording studio. We record only at your location and do not have a physical recording venue.

Q. What types of recording locations can you record in?

     A. We have done successful recordings in all types of venues. First, we only record indoors. Our engineers have been able to set up in personal living rooms, large concert halls, churches, synagogues, music studios, L-shaped rooms, rooms with 5-foot ceilings, warehouses, and showrooms. An issue that might arise is if you choose to record in a small room. Our recording desk alone is about the size of a grand piano. We also have to run cables from our equipment to electric sockets, and to microphone stands strategically placed around the room. In general, it is best for the performers to be at some distance away from our equipment. However, in other circumstances microphones can be placed within arm’s length of our engineer.

Q. Do you provide acoustic treatment of any kind?

     A. We currently own 8 Auralex absorption panels that can be strategically placed. However, we only provide this for an additional charge and when it is absolutely required. In most circumstances we will require 2 round-trips to your recording location as the panels are rather large and take up the entire back of our vehicle. We would first bring the acoustic panels and then on the second trip bring out the recording equipment. During tear down, the opposite would occur, we would need to return a second time to retrieve the panels.

For the most part, we do not provide acoustic treatment. We specialize in our custom microphone placement in order to capture the best sound possible from your chosen recording location.

Q. Would I (the client) be able to plug my instrument into your mixer, or hear myself through a pair of headsets while I record myself?

     A. Under most circumstances…. the answer is generally no. As mentioned above, we do not have a studio, and this would not be practical in most cases. However, we may be able to accommodate you under certain circumstances if you can be seated relatively close to our laptop recorder. For example, if we are laying tracks on top of pre-recorded materials in a multi-track sequencer, we may ask if you can perform while listening to the other tracks. It depends upon quite a few different factors.

Q. Can you give me the output of each of the microphones?

     A. Sorry, no. The signals from each microphone are mixed inside the mixer and are fed to a stereo track. We do not currently record with a multi-track recording unit.

Q. Do you offer any video services?

     A. Yes! We have a professional high definition video camera setup that connects directly to our audio equipment. See our pages for Audition and Recital Videos, Video Editing, as well as our page for Musician Promotion Videos!

Q. Do your video services include professional lighting?

     A. Unfortunately, no. Our video services are intended to be an add-on to our professional audio services, but we do not currently offer professional lighting. We recommend that you choose an area that has appropriate lighting. Our cameras have made quality recordings in concert and recital halls, as well as in locations such as churches, synagogues, libraries, and even living rooms. However, we can only capture the lighting that your chosen venue provides.

Q. How long does it take to set up the equipment?

     A. It depends on quite a few factors: the size of the room, location of where the audio engineer will record, whether or not stagehands are helpful and prepared, the number of mics being used, etc. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to set up all of the equipment for a small concert. For concerts and recitals we will show up at a minimum of one hour before your performance’s start time (this is normally when stagehands would arrive), but we do highly recommend at least 1.5 hours before your concert’s start time. The recording location needs to be accessible to the audio engineer after the performance so that we can take down the equipment as well. In general a 1 hour performance, should have at a minimum 1 hour setup time beforehand and 1 hour tear down time. In other words, you would need to schedule at least 3 hours of location time, preferably 4 hours. Larger concert halls, larger ensembles, and projects with video could certainly require 4-5 hours. Specifically, adding video can significantly increase setup time. For any video project in a concert hall, we would recommend a minimum of 2 hours. Please speak with your Musical Horizon® engineer beforehand.

Q. Do I have to pay you up front?

     A. Musical Horizon® engineers cannot give you a final cost invoice until after all the editing is complete. We do require an initial deposit to be made beforehand. These deposits go towards your final cost and are generally half of the minimum recording session fees for your project. We send you a bill for the remaining amount owed at the completion of the project before we schedule for delivery. Clients are only required to make additional payments prior to the Final Invoice if their project is continuing for more than 30 days from the date of their initial recording session. The Client may also make payments throughout the recording process if they wish to do so. However, this will not speed up the editing process. Payment plans are available upon request.

Q. How soon can I expect a completed project?

     A. This is very difficult to answer. Every project is different. In general, we predict a completion date approximately 1 to 2 weeks after your session. Video could add on an additional week or two. However, we have had projects completed within 24 hours and others that took several months to perfect.

Q. If I provide you with pre-recorded materials can you incorporate them into my project?

     A. Only if they are royalty free, in the public domain; or for musical selections you agree to reimburse us to obtain the licenses on our behalf and for videos if you obtain the necessary licensing/releases.

Q. Can you help me obtain a copyright release for music?

     A. Due to legal reasons, we cannot help you directly with these obligations. But, if we record you, we will purchase any rights necessary under our company name, and you will be responsible for payment of any licensing and administrative fees.

Q. Can you help me register the copyright in my finished project?

     A. Yes! Musical Horizon® professionals will be more than happy to help you with the copyright registration process. You would need to first purchase the copyrights from us. We generally charge 1/3 of the project’s final cost. At this point, we can help point you in the correct direction towards the appropriate legal paperwork. Please note, you may be required to pay additional fees if an agreement is determined to be required in order to complete the copyright registration application. However, be advised, it is in your best interest to seek independent legal counsel prior to going down this route.

Q. Can you help me sell my music?

     A. Yes! We can work with you to setup an account at our preferred distributor. Also, under some circumstances they can provide your music to companies for usage with sync licenses. However, again, be advised, it is in your best interest to seek independent legal counsel prior to going down this route.

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