Live Audition vs. Audition Recording

 Live Audition

Recorded with Consumer Quality Equipment*

Recorded in a Professional StudioProfessionally Recorded On Location
CostTravel and Lodging to various locations (air fare, gasoline, hotels, restaurants)- Handheld Flash recorder: apx. $275 - $650
- (2) Pro Co Sound Lifelines 20' XLR Microphone Cables: apx. $70 each
- (1) Standard Microphone Stand - apx. $45
- (1) Stereo Mic Bar - apx. $25
- (2) XLR Condensor Matched Pair Microphones - apx. $150 - $2500
- (1) Audio Mixer - apx. $100 - $300
- Computer
-Editing Software
Anywhere from $25 per hour up to $300 or more per hour (starts when you show up, ends when you leave)

Editing is not included in this price. Most studios either charge by the hour, or at a flat-rate. Of course, you could edit the files yourself.
Musical Horizon® Audition Recording Package:

$400 for up to 3 hours then $80 for each additional hour

(price before student discount)
Audio Engineer ProvidedN/ANoSometimes - the higher priced ones generally include an engineer, but sometimes, an engineer costs extra even at the higher priced studiosYes
Recording Training NecessaryN/AMinimal required, but you need to learn how to use the equipment you just bought.If you have an engineer, none, but without one, enough to setup the equipment and operate the equipment.None
EditingN/AYou have to do any editing necessaryEngineer generally provides this service, or provides you with raw audioIncluded
Scheduling and TravelSchool chooses dates/times and you have to travel to them.You can work on it wherever and whenever you choose.You have to travel to the studio during hours that they are in operation, and at your reserved time.Studio is brought to your location (your home, school, teacher's studio, church, synagogue, concert hall, etc.). You choose the time and co-ordinate with the recording engineer.
Ability to Warm up BeforehandA practice room is generally provided, but you have to listen to all of your competition as well. You also then have to wait to be called in to the audition. This entails waiting outside the room for a legnth of time prior to performing.You can begin recording whenever you choose.Studios may allow you to warm up beforehand, but you are being billed for that time.You can warm up while the recording engineer is setting up the equipment. This is actually rather helpful to the engineer as they design the studio to fit the acoustics of your recording space..
ComfortYou perform in front of jurors at their location. You are not familiar with the acoustics.The comfort of your own location. You are familiar with your surroundings.Most studios record you in a small sound booth with acoustic treatment, others may place you in a room. You are not familiar with the acoustics.You have the ability to choose a recording location in which you are familiar with your surroundings. An audio engineer will setup the equipment to best suit your chosen recording location in order to produce the best quality sound possible.
Ability to Play It AgainNoYesYesYes
Ability to Consult with a Recording ProfessionalN/ANoMaybeYes
Memorization RequirementYes, most of the time.Maybe, depending on your editing skills.Maybe, depending on your editing skills. No, if your editor can remove page turns.No, but it is your choice!

*Based on our response to the minimum recommendations presented by Juilliard’s Pre-College’s Pre-C Post “Recording Tips”.

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