How Can I Compete With Other Applicants Going on Live Auditions?

Nothing compares with the eloquence and power of a phenomenal live performance. When applying to music schools, the best auditions are done in person. Live auditions will showcase your talent in the most effective way possible.

Unfortunately, live auditions aren’t feasible for everyone. There are travel costs, scheduling conflicts, and planning issues involved with setting up a live audition. However, you can still successfully compete with other applicants by submitting a professional, high quality recording with the help of an experienced recording engineer. A well-presented, well-recorded CD can blow away all your competition, even those appearing in person. In fact, there are many reasons to choose an audition recording over a live audition.

What are the benefits of recording an audition versus doing a live audition?

Firstly, it can be quite costly to appear in person for an audition. Consider the expenses involved: airfare or gas costs, lodging, plus miscellaneous costs. Multiply those expenses by the number of schools you are applying to and suddenly you are drowning in travel expenditures.  Producing one, high-quality recording will be considerably less expensive and you can send duplicates to many different schools.  Some schools require a pre-screening recording before they even will consider a live audition.  And, although it is rare, there are some schools that don’t offer live auditions at all.

Think of creating an audition recording in the same fashion, as you would prepare for a job interview.  You will need to send in a standout resume, engaging cover letter, and glowing reference letters before even being considered for an interview. The same principle applies to applying for a music school. The admissions department needs to be convinced of your talent before they set up a live audition or interview.

Next, think about the scheduling conflicts involved in traveling to these different locations. You might have to spend multiple days on site, which could interfere with your current studies and other commitments. Some schools might require auditions at the same times, which can produce even more conflicts.

A mobile recording studio can record your audition in almost any location that is convenient to you. They bring all their equipment to you, creating a professional recording in the place where you feel most comfortable.

How can I ensure I submit the best audition recording possible?

Don’t rely on consumer-grade equipment and amateur engineers to re-create your unique sound. Many musicians who choose to complete their own recording will actually end up sabotaging their application. A low-quality recording will compromise your talent. Plus, making a professional recording isn’t as hard or expensive as it sounds.

Additionally, pick a recording studio that can create professional labels for your CD. You don’t want those cheap sticky labels that might get stuck in a CD player or peel off. When submitting an audition, presentation is key.  It shows you are serious and committed.

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Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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