How to Prepare for an Audition CD in 9 Easy Steps

Applying to a music school, festival, or conservatory is a nerve-wracking process. To ensure acceptance to your dream school, be certain to prepare a professional, high quality audition recording. The competition is fierce. No doubt you will need to pull out all the stops to win over the jury.

Preparing for an audition CD isn’t as hard or complicated as it might seem. Musicians have already spent years perfecting their talent, which is the ultimate preparation. Following a simple checklist helps you make sure you are staying on track when preparing for your audition CD:

  1. Research the school: Find out about the colleges or conservatories to which you are applying. Review their applications requirements in full detail.
  2. Choose your music: Decide on an audition piece that you have mastered and reflects your personal taste. Think outside of the box – a jury hears dozens of applicants, so be creative. You want to stand out.
  3. Prepare multiple pieces: Choose at least two selections in varying styles to showcase your range.
  4. Have your instrument serviced: Be certain that your instrument is in excellent condition, the strings are relatively new, and all valves are well lubricated. If you will require a piano, make sure it is tuned at least 24-48 hours in advance.
  5. Pick a recording studio: Many students try to record their audition CD themselves, which is a mistake. Stand out from the competition by choosing a mobile recording studio. Professionalism always impresses.
  6. Schedule ahead of time: Book your recording date several weeks before the application is due. Give the engineer enough time to perfect your recording.
  7. Schedule enough time: Be certain to book the recording studio for several hours, allowing you to do many takes of your repertoire.
  8. Coordinate with your accompanist: If you’re using an accompanist, be sure he or she will be available for the recording time.
  9. Practice, practice, practice: Be comfortable with the piece you will be recording.

The day before the audition CD recording, remember to get plenty of sleep and eat filling, healthy food. Avoid caffeine or excessive sugar which might make you jittery. Leave your cell phone and other portable devices in the car to minimize distractions. Having a coach or teacher present can help ease your anxieties. A few simple steps and preparations will maximize your chances of crafting a high quality audition CD.

How do I find the right recording studio?

Creating your own recording can compromise sound quality, lessening your chances for acceptance at the top music schools and conservatories. Musical Horizon, LLC is a mobile recording studio serving New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania that offers affordable recording services to students interested in creating an audition CD. Our professional recording engineers can record your CD in almost any location convenient to you. Please contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation.  Email or call 973-287-4029 to learn more.

Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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