Need to Record an Audition CD? Hire the Right Professionals to Beat the Competition!

Many students preparing for an audition to music schools might be tempted to make an audition recording using a consumer-grade flash or computer recorder. There’s no doubt that recent technological advances have changed the landscape of the recording industry. The music business has come a long way from reel-to-reel tape machines and 4-track recorders. Today’s recording equipment gives recording engineers the ability to record professional, high quality auditions in the musician’s own living room. But, while consumer grade technology keeps improving, it cannot compete with professional equipment and trained experts.

Let’s face it: the music industry is extremely competitive.

Low quality audition recordings can hurt an aspiring musician’s chance of being accepted to a music school, conservatory, or music festival. And honestly, after you spend a few hundred dollars on even the most simplistic recording system, you might as well have hired a skilled engineer to do the job right. That’s what your competition is secretly doing.

Musicians require the best audition recording equipment to capture their talent. Don’t settle for an unsophisticated recorder which might make you sound fuzzy or flat. You do not want to risk your chances of not being accepted into the program of your choice, because somebody of equal, or lesser, talent had a higher quality recording. A professional recording engineer will have top of the line gear to complement your unique and personal sound.

Choosing the right recording engineer can be tricky. You want someone who knows the business, as well as, somebody who specifically understands how to capture the eloquence of classical music. This is important – you must find a recording engineer that understands what you’re going through; more specifically, somebody who has walked in your shoes! Believe it or not, a recording engineer that exemplifies these aspects is hard to find. Most recording professionals simply don’t know how to properly record classical music, because they haven’t been exposed to it from the classical musician’s point of view. They do not know what classical music should sound like and use recording techniques appropriate to popular music. This will result in distorting your performance.

Where to go to record an audition CD?

Musical Horizon® engineers use specifically chosen, portable studio equipment to record classical music wherever it is most convenient for our clients. We have made successful audition recordings in concert halls, churches, synagogues, schools, and private homes throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  Most recording locations will work. We want you to be relaxed and recording in a comfortable and familiar location is key to your success.

Additionally, Musical Horizon, LLC guarantees that your audition’s recording engineer is a real musician who is classically-trained. Plus, our trained experts can help you decide which takes are best and might possibly be able to give you suggestions on how to better your performance.

Today’s consumer recorders might be good enough for the practice room, but a professionally created recording definitely gives you the advantage. Are you ready to compete? If you need to make an audition recording, look no further. For your free no-obligation consultation email, or call 973-287-4029.

Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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