How Should I Go About Recording My Upcoming Student Recital?

When musicians have an important upcoming recital, they often consider recording their performance. Recital recordings make fantastic keepsakes and can also be used to self-critique one’s own performance. Even more so with video recorded recitals.

How to record a recital

Musicians recording their recital have two options: hiring a professional or doing it themselves. To record your own recital, you must first either purchase equipment or borrow appropriate recording equipment. Students might be able to borrow the right tools from their school. This process can involve a lot of paperwork and the equipment might not be available on the day of your performance. Also the student has to generally take on the responsibility for any damage that might occur to the equipment.  Buying equipment is also generally not recommended, as the cost of purchasing all of the equipment necessary in order to produce a high quality recording would be in excess of what it would cost to hire an experienced professional.  Besides, once you have all of the equipment, you would then need to learn how to use it.  I know people say you can find inexpensive handheld flash recorders, or that you can even use your smartphone or tablet, but those devices don’t have professional microphones and the sound quality captured by such devices is not what you should be aiming for.

Should I hire someone to record my recital?

Hiring a professional, mobile recording studio has many advantages over trying record your own performance.   Some of the pros of hiring a professional include:

  • Professional sound equipment
  • Clear, uncompromised sound
  • Easy and convenient
  • Full concentration on your performance
  • Does not require learning how to use equipment
  • Some concert halls do not allow amateur recording

Who should I hire?

Musical Horizon, LLC is a mobile recording studio that offers high quality on location recordings for professional and student musicians in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Please contact us today for your free no-obligation consultation, email, or call 973-287-4029. We offer exciting recital packages and outstanding student discounts.

Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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