Recording A Live Performance of Classical Musicians

Are you part of part of an orchestra, band, or choir? If yes, chances are you spend a considerable amount of time in front of audiences. While your ensemble may have a studio recording of your performers, you may have not considered a live performance recording.

Many locations allow outside recording engineers to record a concert. Musical Horizon® engineers have brought our equipment to concert halls, churches, synagogues, music schools, public auditoriums and more.

Who can be recorded?

Groups of any size are able to be recorded live:
• Symphony orchestras
• Ensembles
• Choirs
• Concert bands

When thinking about your recording, you may want to include a list of the musicians in your group and include a brief biography of each one. Then, your audience gets to know each member better. Also, you can include contact information in case someone wants to hire your group or individual performer for another gig.

Why would I record my concert?

Our clients record their live performances for a variety of reasons, including to:
• Obtain grant money
• Sell to audiences
• Sell at concerts
• Promote for festivals and future events
• Start a fund-raising campaign

You may consider releasing your performance recording digitally. You can include audio of your live shows on your group’s website or promotional page, and/or release it on iTunes or another digital platform.

Things to keep in mind when hiring an engineer

There are only a select group of recording engineers well-suited for recording live classical music. When selecting an engineer look for someone who:
• Records with multiple microphones
• Is able to travel to your location
• Does not over-produce the final recording
• Is able to remove background noise

Most importantly, you shouldn’t pick an engineer who is accustomed to producing pop or rock albums. You want to ensure that each instrument’s unique sound is picked up, so using multiple, custom-placed microphones is essential. Mastering and editing is an integral part of the process but classical music should be touched as little as possible.

Musical Horizon, LLC offers premier recording services for classical musicians. For more information, contact a Musical Horizon® engineer by emailing, or call us now at 973-287-4029.

Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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