Music Schools: Offering Recording Services for Your Students

If you are in charge of a music school , you are likely to have bright and talented students worthy of special recognition. However, many students and parents are relatively uninformed when it comes to recording their music for promotional and audition purposes.

To set yourself apart from other classical music schools and programs in the area, you might choose to start offering recording services. Establish a relationship with a recording engineer who can come to your location. The engineer can then craft recordings of both live performances and individual students.

Recording concerts

When your vocal and musician students put on a recital, consider creating a recording of the concert. Your school may then offer the recording as a CD or as downloadable digital files.

You might choose to:

  • Sell the recording to students
  • Sell the recording to parents
  • Use the recording to promote your school
  • Use the recording to promote partnerships with other music programs

Your students can use the live concert recording to submit for audition purposes, or as part of their own self-promotion. Or, perhaps parents just want a keepsake of their child’s concert or they may want to send the recording to family.

Recording individual students for auditions

Some of your top students are sure to be applying to competitive music programs, festivals, and conservatories. Encourage your vocalists and musicians to create an audition recording as part of the application process. A high quality CD or digital file helps showcase their talent before the student even comes in for a live audition. Some competitive schools even require a pre-screening audition recording before they consider letting them come in for a live audition.

Musical Horizon, LLC offers special promotions for musical schools that need to record their students for auditions. Our engineers come to your location for a set block of time and for a flat rate, we record as many students as you would like during that period. Mutually beneficial for both you and the student, your musicians will be able to record in an environment that is comfortable and familiar.

To learn more about Musical Horizon® services, contact us today at 973-287-4029 or email

Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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