Making an Audition Video for Your Music School Application

The standards of competitive music schools continue to rise with every application season. Selection juries have higher expectations for potential students than ever before. Submitting a comprehensive and impressive application is an absolute must for musicians and singers of all backgrounds when seeking admission to top colleges and conservatories. One component you may not realize you need is a DVD audition video to accompany your application. In fact, many of the top schools actually require applicants to submit an audition video or their application won’t be considered.

Considerations for making your audition video

Everyone has a smartphone, so you may think creating a video on your iPhone is sufficient. Unfortunately, your cell’s microphone simply doesn’t have the sound quality or range to recapture your talent on camera. You might also consider using your family video camera or computer, but you’ll run into the same issues: the quality just isn’t up to par.

We recommend picking a professional, yet affordable, videography service dedicated to musicians when creating your audition video. A professional recording ensures every note you play or sing remains uncompromised by inadequate recording devices. Musical Horizon® engineers create every audition video with our professional audio recording equipment. Our audio is not synced in post-production – none of that “matching the audio up to the video nonsense” – allowing your talent to shine through during filming.

Additionally, most videographers don’t have the high-quality microphones and audio engineering experience of a Musical Horizon® engineer. Your standard videographer will rely on the camera’s built-in microphones which, even on the highest end cameras is intended for spoken words – not music. Our standard setup consists of multiple microphones, a mixer, a computer audio workstation, and a High Definition video camera.

Preparing for your audition video

You want to showcase your signature pieces for the video. If your school does not provide specific requirements, choose three to five selections that you are the most prepared to perform. Also, remember to pick compositions that highlight your unique qualities as a musician and show off your talents.

Since Musical Horizon® engineers film on location, we can create your video audition DVD in your home, school, church, synagogue, auditorium, concert hall, or wherever you feel most comfortable. Pick a location with good lighting and with minimal distractions.

Additionally, plan to wear clothing that you would wear to a recital or concert. You’ll want to look professional and presentable. Get plenty of sleep before filming and keep hydrated. Most importantly, relax and enjoy yourself.

Why choose a Musical Horizon® engineer?

You are an incredibly talented musician. However, you require superior audio quality for your video to shine out amongst the competition. But not only do you need top notch audio, you need to make it look polished. Our videos come standard with fade-in and fade-out to black at the beginning and end of each selection. We also offer to provide unobtrusive graphics including performer’s name, composer’s name, and composition name as this will display your name to the jury with each viewing.

Final videos can be provided as DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, or as digital files in both Hi-Definition and Widescreen Standard Definition formats.

To learn more about Musical Horizon, LLC’s professional recording and videography services, contact us today at 973-287-4029 or fill out our contact form online.

Authored for Musical Horizon, LLC by: Abbey Finch, Scribe Space

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